High-speed actuator machine

The actuator machine is composed of a storage bin, Vibrating hopper and additional machine head. The storage bin can put no less than 10,000 actuators at a time. When the vibrating hopper is found to be out of material, it will automatically discharge and close automatically when it is full. The vibrating hopper organizes the messy actuators into a row in a unified direction. The actuator flow is then sent to the installation head station through a special material channel. When the actuator enters the additional machine head and there is an aerosol can at the bottom, and then the aerosol can is rotated by the dial wheel to climb up at the same time. At this time, the valve core and the actuator have been in contact with each other and fall into the actuator valve core at a certain position. , Knocking, the installation is completed, and then sent to the conveyor belt via the turntable.

technical parameter

Air consumption:   1 m³/min

Power supply:   380V/50Hz/0.5KW

Adapt to the valve  :  1 "

Diameter of aerosol can (mm): 35-66

Aerosol can height (mm): 90-270

Production capacity (PCS/min): 80-120

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