Gqeii-25 high speed multi station binary packaging machine

   Binary packaging in the market with the development of modern technology to promote the progress of aerosol application in cosmetics, drugs and food industries. At the same time, many small fire extinguishers are also using binary packaging. Binary aerosol can be applied to liquid and viscous products, with a wide range of applications.

technical parameter

Power supply power: 380V / 50Hz / 1.5kw

Gas consumption (m3 / min): 1.2 (0.6MPa)

Applicable valve (mm): 25.4

Suitable for jar (mm): 40-66

Suitable tank height (mm): 260

Maximum filling volume (ML): 600 (200 per time)

Filling accuracy (%): 1

Production speed (PCS / min): 40-60

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