20mm binary packaging sealing and filling machine

The equipment is mainly used in small scale packaging products of hair coloring paste and wolf spray industry, which is easy to carry and control, reduce waste and reduce transportation costs. 20mm binary valve and 28mm diameter aluminum tank are used for inflation sealing + liquid filling. The operation method is to put the aerosol tank with binary valve into the turntable, and there is an induction switch at the bottom to sense the trigger signal. At this time, the turntable will rotate one station, then continue to put in, and the turntable will continue to rotate until it turns to the bottom of the air filling sealing head, The sealing mouth will first press the tank - gland - lifting cap - gas filling - gland - sealing - in situ. After a sealing working cycle is completed, rotate to the liquid filling head again for liquid filling. Then it is sent to the safety area through the rotary table, and the binary aerosol product is taken out manually.

technical parameter

Applicable valve (mm): 20

Filling volume (ML): 50

Applicable tank shape (mm): 25mm-30mm

Maximum finished product filling pressure (MPA): 0.9

Production capacity (PCS / min): 12-15

Equipment size (L / w / h): 1200mm / 600mm / 1650m

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