LGC refrigerant vacuum under cover filling machine

The equipment fully absorbs the advanced concept of under-cap filling machine in Europe and North America. The equipment adopts pure pneumatic control (if flammable refrigerant is filled, a fully explosion-proof model can be customized), which avoids unsafe factors caused by electric sparks when using electricity. The seals and gas path control components used inside the equipment are all international well-known brands, with high reliability, durability and high production efficiency. This machine is suitable for refrigerants (F12/F22/134a), air-conditioning lubricants and other aerosol products that need to be filled under the cover. The operation is simple, ordinary assembly line operators can control the machine after basic training, the operation is safe and reliable, and the designed service life is 15-20 years.

technical parameter

Power supply: 380V/50Hz/ 0.75kw

Applicable valve cover : 1 "

Applicable filling contents: 134A/F12/f22/410, etc.

Maximum filling volume (ml): 1000

Filling accuracy (%): ±1

Vacuum degree-Mpa: 0.30-0.95 adjustable

Filling speed (PCS): 7-12 (quality in line with national standards)

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