Angle valve filling machine

       Angle valve filling machine equipment is mainly used for filling 90 degree valve of 1kg welded tank. The traditional filling method is to manually operate the linked valve and tighten the angle valve manually, which has a very large workload. Now the equipment only needs to put the welding tank in the designated place, press the start button, fill the valve on the top of the filling head, and vacuum. After vacuum pumping, fill the liquid. After filling, close the lower pressure valve (the lower pressure closing valve is closed by motor rotation, and the lower pressure head is suitable for circular hand valve and 1-shaped hand valve without replacement), and then pump back the residual material (this function can also be skipped without pumping back), and then the filling head returns to its position. After the filling head leaves the valve, close the filling head at the same time (there is a one-way valve at the contact position between the filling head and the valve)

Technical parameters

Air consumption : 0.6 m³/ min

Applicable filling contents: F12, F22, 134A, 410, etc.

Maximum filling volume: 1000 ml

Production capacity: 15-30 cans/min

Filling accuracy: ±3g

Vacuum pressure: adjustable 0.1-0.098-Mpa

Power supply: 380V/50Hz/ 0.5kw

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