Automatic refrigerant vacuum under cover filling production line

technical parameter

Gas consumption: 5 m3 / min

Power supply power: 380V / 50Hz / 2KW

Adaptive bonnet (mm): 25.4

Diameter of aerosol tank (mm): 60-73

Maximum filling dose (ML): 500ml-1000ml

Height of aerosol can (mm): 90-210

Vacuum degree: -0.095Mpa (adjustable)

Filling accuracy: ± 2G

Production speed: 45 / min (250g, vacuum at - 0.8kpa)

Design concept and basic introduction of refrigerant filling machine: the equipment fully absorbs the advanced concept of under cover filling machine in Europe and North America. The equipment adopts Mechatronics design, adopts Mitsubishi PLC for logic control, and controls compressed air through solenoid valve for action (if users pay attention to combustible refrigerant, full flameproof model can be customized), so as to avoid unsafe factors caused by electric spark when using electricity. The seals and gas circuit control elements used in the equipment adopt international well-known brands, with high reliability, durability and high production efficiency. The machine is suitable for refrigerant (F12 / F22 / 134a), air conditioning lubricating oil and other aerosol products that need to be filled under the cover.

The full-automatic refrigerant vacuum under cover filling production line is mainly used for the vacuum under cover filling and sealing of refrigerant small packaging products. The whole production line is composed of can sorting machine, capping machine, refrigerant vacuum under cover filling machine, weighing machine, water bath leak detector, inkjet printer, unpacking machine, sealing machine, labeling inkjet printer and stacking machine.

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