ag-on-valve Arranging & Feeding Machine

Binary valve valve processing machine and valve machine is aimed at the domestic binary automatic line production. The binary valve in the production of aerosol products cannot be automatically installed and developed. This can greatly reduce labor and fill the domestic gap. The valve is based on the principle of centrifugal force.

The valve is rotated by a 45-degree turntable, and the binary valve is brought to a height by the principle of centrifugal force, and then the baffle of the valve is released through the device, and the valve instantly slides to the bottom. Due to the weight of the valve, about 80% of the valve will fall downward. Therefore, a device is installed at the bottom of the turntable to send the downward valve into the valve cup, and the other orientations are used for secondary valve management, and the turntable that enters the valve cup is sent to the track,enters the valve cup and follow the turntable into the track, and then the valve adding machine reverses the valve. Then it is sent into the aerosol canister through the device.

technical parameter

Power supply: 380V/50Hz/1 KW

Gas consumption (m³ /min): 4

Applicable valve :  1 "

Production capacity (PCS/min ): more than 50

Suitable for valve length (mm): 240

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