Medium speed binary packaging machine

The binary aerosol canister puts the valve product, and sends it to the inlet of the binary packaging sealing filling machine through the conveyor chain, and the aerosol can is sent to the binary filling and sealing machine by rotating the turntable. The bottom of the sealing machine detects the photoelectric detection of aerosol When the tank enters, it will work, press the tank-cap-lift the cap-fill-cap-seal-return. After the work is completed, the turntable will rotate again to send the sealed aerosol can into the high-pressure filling machine, the same After the aerosol can is detected at the bottom of the high-pressure filling machine, it will work. The pressure valve-filling-return. After the work is completed, the turntable will rotate. There is also a high-pressure filling head for refilling, or it can be closed without refilling. After the previous work is completed, the turntable rotates, and the filled product is sent to the cleaning head. The cleaning head is atomized by alcohol and compressed air through the pressure purge valve for cleaning. Then the turntable takes the aerosol can products such as the conveyor chain into the next process.

technical parameter

Power supply: 380V/50Hz/0.5KW

Air consumption (L/min): 1500/0.6KG

Applicable valve  :  1 "

Maximum preset air pressure (mpa): 0.6

Filling volume (ml): 150, 300, 500

Filling accuracy (%): ≦±1

Production capacity (PCS/min): 20-25

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