High-speed capping machine

The automatic capping machine is the product after the actuator is added. The aerosol product is sent to the designated area by the dial to install the cap. The machine automatically detects whether there is a actuator. If there is no actuator, it will automatically stop and alarm. Manual processing, after processing, press the button, the machine will operate normally. The aerosol product with the cap is sent to the conveyor belt through the dial, and the conveyor belt sends the aerosol product to the next process.

    This equipment is a pure mechanical transmission working mode and the machine is stable and reliable! The service life is much higher than that of pneumatic equipment!

technical parameter

Air consumption : 0.3m³/ min

Power: 380V/50Hz/3KW

Suitable for hood (mm): 35-66

Diameter of aerosol can (mm): 35-66

Aerosol can height (mm): 80-270

Maximum production capacity (PCS/min): 150

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