Gas filling machine (explosion-proof type) DQG-40

The equipment adopts the original design of Italian Coaster, the equipment is stable, reliable and durable, and the service life can reach more than 10 years. The equipment adopts all-pneumatic equipment. The logic is combined into logic control by Japanese SMC pneumatic valves. The equipment can perform single-step work or close one. The logic system works. The equipment is equipped with a delivery pump and a booster pump to make the filling of propellant more stable.

Advantages of our design structure: After more than 20 years of experience in the aerosol industry, our equipment has far surpassed domestic counterparts in structure and design concepts, and is close to imported equipment. The mainframe support frame, column, bracket, and table structure are thick and solid, stable, faster and stable. The cylinder bore and stroke of the four core components of the metering cylinder, the liquid-filled down-pressing cylinder, and the liquid-filling head have been scientifically converted, with sufficient power and smooth operation. Equipment sealing ring procurement

technical parameter

Air consumption : 2.3 m³/min (0.8Mpa pressure)

Adapt to the valve (mm): 1 "

Diameter of aerosol can (mm): 35-66

Height of aerosol can (mm): 80-315

Filling volume (ml) 150, 300, 500

Filling accuracy (%) ≦±1

Production capacity (PCS/min): 25-40

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